5 Simple Steps to Deliver Exceptional Customer Support

What keeps a customer coming back for more? Perhaps your company offers an incredible product or service, a best-in-class choice that users seek out above all others. It could be a matter of convenience if your solutions are widely available for customers to access. Or maybe your customer service allows users to conveniently connect with your organization to make a purchase or address an issue.

Many of these possibilities can apply to any company because they speak to a universal theme: the customer experience. A proper customer experience will leave customers satisfied by making it easy for them to engage with your business. These customers will place their trust in your organization and walk away with a positive impression that keeps them returning. But a bad customer experience — riddled with long wait times, unresponsiveness and a rigid mindset that doesn’t seek new and creative ways of solving a particular problem — can have the opposite effect, turning customers off from your business entirely.

If you’re looking to boost your customer experience and deliver exceptional customer support, here are five simple steps you can take to keep your users satisfied and engaged:

Offer 24/7/365 Availability

Great customer experiences start with the ability to assist customers when they need help most. Today, customers no longer must travel to physical locations to speak to representatives who can offer assistance in solving their problems. Internet-based support has made it easy to engage customers online or over the phone, offering an easy-to-access touchpoint to sell, troubleshoot and discuss any related issues with a product.

To truly be ready to handle your customers’ needs, you must offer 24/7/365 availability. Always having people available to engage customers means problems can be solved faster. This availability creates an ideal experience for the moment when a user needs assistance. This 24/7/365 availability means your company is ready to address issues anywhere in the globe regardless of weekends, holidays and varied time zones.

Focus on Fast Response Times

This might sound simple, but being available to offer a great customer experience means being able to provide help as soon as a customer requests it. Telephone, chat-based and email support are all great options to offer customers looking to reach you so they can choose whichever method is most convenient for them.

However, the promise of around-the-clock service means your organization needs manpower in order to back up that guarantee.

If you tell customers you’re ready to help, they’ll think your business offers support whenever they need it. But if a user reaches out and is placed on hold, added to a long queue or simply doesn’t get a response, this leaves them to wonder whether or not they reached somebody in the first place. In many ways, companies that promise the availability of customer support and fail to follow through can be more frustrating than companies that don’t offer any promises at all.

To prevent letting down customers who need help, fast response times are essential. As soon as PX approached Ciklum to improve its customer support capabilities, its customer response times dropped from 24 hours to 10 minutes or less. Today, they have the resources in place to respond to requests at odd times or during periods of peak activity, ensuring a spike in business doesn’t interfere with the ability to assist new customers.

Cover All Bases

Offering a great customer experience isn’t just a matter of being able to troubleshoot technical issues, resolve billing disputes or get products to work properly: It’s positioning your organization to truly address a customer’s underlying needs. If a customer reaches out with a particular business need or inquiry that you’re not able to assist with, you’re disappointing the user and squandering a potential opportunity to get new business.

When ebuilders was approached by a customer to improve their asset development capabilities, they didn’t tell that customer they wouldn’t be able to handle it, which could leave the customer to look to the competition. Instead, they outsourced the task to Ciklum, allowing experts to handle asset development capabilities without the need to build a new in-house team. By truly finding ways to creatively support a customer’s needs, you’ll establish your business as a trusted and reliable partner that places customer satisfaction above all else.

Emphasize Content Management and Moderation

When you’re running any sort of digital operation, content is often front and center. Whether it’s through a blog, a photo gallery, an e-commerce store or a message board or other type of user community, content must be available for users to access in order to provide a quality user experience. A website that’s littered with inaccurate product descriptions, outdated pictures or inappropriate user-generated content can make a company look unprofessional, untrustworthy and not worth a customer’s business.

Employing content management and moderation services make it easy to keep your operation fresh and up to date. Whether your company is dealing with a large set of digital assets or has an engaged online userbase that needs to be maintained, proper content management ensures your customers can rely on your site for accurate information.

Hire Top Talent

To provide a top-notch customer experience, your organization needs top-notch employees. The weakest link in a chain can often cause the most damage, and by depending on employees who don’t have your business’s best interests at heart, you risk leaving your customers with the impression that your company simply doesn’t care or doesn’t have the right abilities to get the job done.

According to a survey by Genesys based on 9000 consumers, 40% of consumers said that the most important aspect is “better human service”

Ciklum’s Support Centre services supplies organizations with top-shelf employees who are dedicated, enthusiastic and highly skilled. With Ciklum’s help, organizations that want to expand their customer support operations can ensure they’re getting the right help they need by interviewing their own candidates.

How can Ciklum Support Centre help your business?

Ciklum makes it easy to boost your customer support profile through our comprehensive Support Centre Services. Our team offers a complete set of customer service solutions to support your existing in-house operation or provide a full turnkey solution to get a new operation up and running in no time. Ciklum’s support center enables your business to offer multi-language support via phone, email, online chat, Skype and Facebook Messenger, placing support at your customers’ fingertips wherever and whenever they need help.

Need to handle your customer support tasks and free up your organization’s valuable resources? Drop us a line and describe your business challenge and we’ll figure out how the best ways to help you solve it.

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