Mobile App Failure: TOP 5 Reasons Why It Happens

Developing your own mobile app is exciting. Unfortunately, your excitement doesn’t always equal success. Even though mobile apps cost around $250,000 to design, build, and launch, only a tiny bit of mobile apps will have a success in one-year perspective.

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Source: Gartner

This number isn’t high, but that doesn’t mean that your app can’t be included in the slim margin of apps that do succeed. Instead, learn from our top five reasons here of why mobile apps fail in order to improve your chances of success.

1. The app doesn’t have a market

Many app developers believe an app would be useful or exciting for consumers only to discover that the market loophole they believed existed had closed. Do your research prior to development. Make sure that there is an actual need for your mobile app by completing market research, testing prototypes with real-world consumers, and creating a functional business plan.

2. The app does not have adequate security

One of the hardest parts of app development is creating an interface that lets users interact with your infrastructure while simultaneously maintaining a low risk. To make your app more usable and secure, the key is duplicating the layers of complexity — without uncovering rationale.

3 The app does not perform quickly enough

Users lose interest in apps that are not speedy enough in performing transactions and delivery. To ensure that your app delivers on both fronts, ensure that your app is developed in an Agile-focused environment and that the app itself is equipped with continuous delivery functionality.

4 The app does not fully consider UX/UI

Users should be able to use your app without difficulty on multiple platforms. This means that the best apps need to have interface features and discoverability on both Android and iOS. Platform-specific UX/UI, like a smart combination of information, interactivity, and design features, is also important to making your app user-friendly.

5. The app’s listing in the marketplace is not persuasive

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That’s a lot of competition. Even if your app is a dream to use, you need to market it correctly. For example, if you fail to explain the value of your product in the description spaces available to you, you will fail to attract many potential users.

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Originally published on Ciklum Blog on August 4, 2017.

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